After my previous broker ...
changed the agent's fee schedule 5 times last year I knew I needed to find a broker where I could find some stability. Citiwide Properties has provided the stability that I haven't had in the past. Citiwide has a very simple agent fee structure that provides the agents with more of their hard earned commissions. Not only does Citiwide allow the agent to keep more of their commissions, but Citiwide also offers high class office facilities. There are plenty of computer terminals, two conference rooms, phone, fax and copier machines, all included in the low monthly fee. Broker, David Le, is always available to answer any questions and Rich, the Office Manager, is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. After 6 years as an agent I'm glad I found Citiwide!
Larry Hoffman, REALTOR®

I want to say thank you to
Citiwide Properties Corp. for allow me to be part of this company, where I have find the comfort that I was looking. I started working with Citiwide in June 2008 and since this time I have been doing closing and getting more money. I do my work professionally and with the tool that Citiwide allow me to use I do my work more easy. The broker is always responding my calls when I need him and give me also the advised when I need it. In my live working in the Real Estate Industry for over 15 years in several offices no one was as Citiwiode is. The office is 24 hours 7 days a week available to work that meant I have no excuse to do my work. Thank you David
Jorge Sanchez, REALTOR® For 15 Years

Endorsement Of David Le Broker Citiwide Properties Corp.
David has been our Broker for the past three years and we both highly recommend him. From the first day we met him he has demonstrated his honesty, reliability, experience and professionalism we sought in a Broker. David has assisted us with his technical, computer and Realtor skills on several occasions and never failed to be there when we needed help. He routinely responds immediately to a salesperson’s needs and has the necessary legal and ethical knowledge and common sense to aid new agents through the tricky waters of writing a sales contract. David is highly energetic and instinctively knows what it takes to be a successful agent. He is also aware of the requirement to guide and sometimes direct agents to insure their protection as well as success. We feel certain that if you join David’s team you will have the same highly positive experience we have had and may we say again that we highly recommend David Le as a Broker.
Nancy Brownlee, REALTOR® For 21 Years
Leonard J. Brownlee Jr., Ph.D. REALTOR®

Search and Buy...

I work for Citiwide Realty.
The internet is our game.
We go by the Realtor's rules.
We treat everyone the same.

The best thing for you to do
Is to get approved right at first.
So when you find that dream home
At the closing, your bubble won't burst!

And look during sunny weather or snow.
Pick out three or four homes you like,
And call a Citiwide Agent that you are ready to go.

When you see a home in person
It may look different than when on-line,
But you have saved yourself a lot of trouble
And you have saved yourself a lot of time.

When you find a home and it's what you want
And you know that you have made a great find.
Make an offer right quick while it is still available
Because in this market you may be left behind!
Charles McReynolds, REALTOR®

Joining Citiwide Properties Corp. in 2006
was one of my best decisions in a while. Comparing with other major brokerage firms in DFW area, Citiwide Properties is a much superior choice. Our current office located in Richardson has provided me all the needs for my Realtor business; and that is an extraordinary good deal for me when I signed up for a 100% commission plan. Beside 24 hours freely access to the office to use free resources such as Internet, printer, scanner, copy machine, and fax, etc., the company website is also very useful source of information. Once logged in, the website provides secured access to private email, online CDA submission, office forms, marketing tools, and much more. My real estate experience entered a higher stage when I realized the website also provides many effective online video trainings for members; and they are all FREE. I now have confidence when writing listing contracts, making offers, using MLS, and knowing exactly that my clients will benefit from my services. Citiwide is the right place to join, to work, and to grow old with; Citiwide never stops thriving to provide newer features that help me as a Realtor to serve my clients at the utmost level. The latest news I heard is that the website will provide tools and data storage for me to upload and download important documents and contracts. This will save me a lot of times since I can get to my confidential data anytime, anywhere via Internet. I really appreciate being here as a team member at Citiwide Properties Corp. .
Vinh Dam, REALTOR®

Before I came to Citiwide Properties...
I had always worked for a traditional Broker with a commission split of 80/20 or a 90/10, after I reached a certain plateau of gross commissions. As my business grew and commission dollars for the other broker grew, I decided that there has to be a better way. I received an e-mail from the Broker at Citiwide and called and set a time for an appointment to interview him. The broker explained how he operates his business with a flat fee per file and a nominal monthly fee of $69.00. I was amazed at the amount of savings I could save on my transactions and Citiwide provides all the services the transitional broker provided. For me it was a quick decision and made the change in a matter of minutes while in Citiwide’ s Richardson office. If you are a seasoned Realtor or just starting in the business, Citiwide is a good place to land. The staff and support are the best and I set up my deals so I’m paid directly from the closing and receive my check the next day. Instead of 20% to pay my old Broker, I pay only $249 per transaction plus $69 per month. I joined Citiwide in March of 2007 and have already saved $ 5000 in fees that I would have paid my old Broker. I will also close 3 transactions in June that will save me another $4000. I saved a total of $9000 in Broker fee payments in 4 months. Now I can market my business at a different level than before. For me this strategy has worked and I will never return to a traditional Broker. If you are looking to make a change in Brokers, you owe it to yourself to call Citiwide. Ask for David or Rich at they can explain the options in more detail.
Tim Tays, REALTOR®

Dear Citiwide Properties Corp...
Since I have joined your company, I have had nothing but success. Our office is a no stress friendly environment where we can drop in at anytime with or without our clients. I am truly impressed with the LEADERSHIP of CITIWIDE Properties Corp. I finally found a broker/office that I can really call home. The technology and training you provide for all of the team members is UN paralleled to any I have experienced in my four years of Real Estate. In short: CITIWIDE Properties is THE place to work if you are in Real Estate.
Martin Wachira, REALTOR®
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